I'm a first time fundraiser, how do I set up my account?
Please go to: http://give.bgcorange.org/ to create and sign up for an account.

Who can use PEERPOINT?
2Dialog’s PEERPOINT is accessible to anybody with a connection to the Internet and is designed to easily create, manage and share donation pages.

2Dialog’s PEERPOINT is a web-based application that allows individuals, organizations, and communities to fundraise online for their respective cause.  Fundraisers are encouraged to upload pictures, videos, and a personal message to their personal fundraising page and share it via email and social media networks. PEERPOINT offers a more active approach to fundraising, allowing fundraisers to connect with donors on a more personal level in support of the cause.

Is the system secure?
Yes, all transactions are processed via SSL and Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Clubs securely handles all transactions and user information.

What are the benefits of using PEERPOINT?
PEERPOINT is quick, easy and a secure method of raising donations for an organization’s cause. The system allows users to reach out to their peers to donate to their page.

Here are some other benefits:

 -   Saves time/resources for the organization, fundraiser, and the donor
 -   Tracks all donations (online & offline) simply and securely
 -   Makes fundraising more personal compared to newsletter blasts and snail-mail campaigns
 -   Fundraising transparency
 -   Automated tax receipts generated immediately via e-mail
 -   Backend data management
 -   Book keeping made easy

How can I track who has given me a gift?
PEERPOINT allows you to track, monitor and record all contributions (both online and offline).  Once logged into your fundraising account, you will find all donations under ‘Your Donations’ inside your Dashboard.  All donations also appear on your live fundraising page.

I just made a gift and it’s not showing up online.  How can this be fixed?
The page may need to be refreshed.  Click the View -> Refresh/Reload button to view this donation. If there is still an issue please contact Shane Merone via email at smerone@bgcorange.org

How do I link my page to various social media sites?
Fundraising pages are equipped with multiple social networking sharing tools.  Users can easily post to Facebook, Twitter and more by selecting one of the social network logos located on either your fundraising sharing page or your live fundraising page.  Users may also email their page to their entire community within the 'Email Contacts’ button on your Dashboard.

How do I add photos/videos to my page?
The Dashboard allows users the ability to upload multiple images, videos and documents through the use of three different buttons; ‘Upload Photos’, ‘Upload Videos’, and ‘Upload Documents’. Fundraisers can also add a ‘Personal Message’ and ’Thank You’ message from the ‘Edit Your Page’ button.

If I receive cash gifts how can I post them online?
There is an option to submit offline donations to a users page.  These offline donations will count towards the users ultimate goal.  Once logged in, on your Dashboard you will find ‘Your Donations’ - select that and then select ‘Manage Offline Donations’.  You can then add donations you have received offline.

What if I change my mind about the amount I want to donate? Can I cancel my donation?
Please contact Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Clubs with regards to a refund.
Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Clubs
PO Box 14
Circleville, NY 10919
845.342.8833 (phone)
email: smerone@bgcorange.org (for assistance or questions about this program)

Do you provide customer service/technical support?
Yes, please contact Shane Merone via email at smerone@bgcorange.org for customer service and technical support.

Are there any fees?
There is a nominal 6.5% administrative overhead fee plus credit card merchant account fees that goes towards each transaction. You may also choose to cover the fees using the tipping functionality.

Who is 2Dialog?
The 2DIALOG product suite is next generation online communication and fundraising software for the nonprofit community. And while it’s platform, toolset and usability are clearly forward-reaching, the knowledge that informs the platform goes back nearly 40 years. For more information, please visit http://wwww.2dialog.com/.

We have partnered with Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Clubs in assisting their efforts to raise money.